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Suburban Sealcoating Services, Inc. is simple and honest family owned and operated business provider of both Commercial and Residential sealcoating services in Western New York. Whether your project is a large commercial parking lot or a residential driveway, we pledge our best on every job. Our team of professional sealcoaters will prepare, repair, treat and stripe (if needed) your lot or driveway - and of course, estimates are free of charge and pressure. Call on Suburban Sealcoating for your blacktop maintenance needs.


We will weedwhack, clean the surface, and spot-repair.


Our team will Edge, Cut In, and then apply the sealcoat.

Cure Time

Our sealcoat application will be cured in 24-48 hours.

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We pride ourselves on providing soup-to-nuts service to our residential and commercial clients, and backed with years of experience and industry knowledge, we can provide an affordable, long-lasting, and fast curing sealcoat application to your lot or driveway. Applying a coal tar based liquid to asphalt to protect from oxidation and deterioration due to the elements like uv rays, freezing, thawing and traffic. New asphalt is made up of different porous materials such as sand and stone therefore it is natural to have variations in the surface. Coal tar is applied after the first year of curing to protect against stains (gas and oil), natures elements (sun, ice, rain) and to keep that new, clean look. Because of the porous nature of new asphalt it will take 2-3 sealcoat applications before it achieves that well seasoned surface.


We choose from the absolute best products in the industry suited to your needs to provide the best fix for the various cracks, potholes and stains plaguing your property.


We utilize our Spray Application technique to provide an even, efficient, and fast drying sealcoat to your parking lot or driveway sure to outlast brush-in treatments.


Once freshly sealcoated, our team of professional parking lot stripers will re-paint the all important parking lot lines, handicap indicators, and other lot indicators.

We Dominate Alligator Cracks

Alligator cracks also known as fatigue cracks are named after the distinctive reptile skin pattern that typically develops as asphalt deteriorates over time. Alligator cracks are almost always do to inconsistency in an underlying layer beneath the surface layer of asphalt. These cracks are severe to the integrity of your asphalt. The best way to prevent or inhibit the progression of existing cracking is to seal your driveway or asphalt surface with coal tar. There are also products that when applied bond with the cracked surface and help to prolong the life of the surface. The results may vary depending on the condition of the surface.

Why We Choose to use a Spray Application

Every company has their own preference when it comes to how they apply their sealcoating material. We use a diaphragm pump with a compressor and spray wand 90% of the time. We prefer the spray method to other applications. While the brushing method is believed to apply more sealcoating product applying sealcoating material thicker is almost never better. A thicker asphalt sealing application has a hard time curing correctly. This extended curing time leads to the degradation of the sealer. A thicker application can also crack while it is curing both drastically reducing the expected life cycle of the sealcoating job.

Another drawback from brushing the asphalt sealcoat material is the fact that the asphalt pavement is naturally porous. A thicker application will fill in the natural grooves of the pavement, which leads to a "slick" and "slippery" surface and can compromises the traction of the asphalt surface. We have also found that the spray method has a more uniform application and doesn’t leave streaking or brush marks. By using a diaphragm pump we have the ability to adjust the pressure and performance to achieve the perfect application of sealant on your asphalt surface.

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  • Coal Tar

    Coal Tar is a highly viscous liquid material that is made up of the by-products of carbonized coal. Coal tar used as a preventive agent to protect asphalt from cold climates, stains like gasoline, oil, and other petroleum products.

  • Prep Seal stain treatment

    A ready to use polymer based emulsion designed to seal oil, grease, and gasoline spots or stain prior to the application of pavement sealers over asphalt surfaces. Clean the surface of the stain with a wire brush and apply the stain treatment with a brush, roller or spray. Allow Prep Seal to dry completely before applying a pavement sealer.

  • Crack Filler

    A special blend of liquid asphalt, rubber additives and fillers for repairs of cracks and expansion joints in concrete, asphalt driveways and parking lots.

  • Mineral Based crack compound

    A mineral filled, rubberized asphalt emulsion designed for filling cracks exceeding 1/4″ width in pavement surfaces. The material will set under good conditions in several hours, depending on weather and filler thickness.

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